Would you like to become a Dog Trainer/ Instructor?

Learn more about dogs, how to interact with them and how to train the easiest way?
How they speak, think, react and why they do it.
Let us take you to your next goal – Become a dog trainer/instructor.
This is our basic training for those who want to learn more and work with dogs.

The school was started in 1992 by Cilla Danielsson.
With the vision that all dogs in Sweden would receive a good, positive and reward-based training and is today a leader in the Nordic countries. Our teachers are well trained, with many years of experience with how to teach and dog training, so that you get a solid training with personal guidance and coaching. Ethically designed, based on the dog and owners conditions.

The course contains the following
relationship, learning psychology, clickertraining
ethology, breed characteristics, stress
dog´s development and socialisation
dog language and behaviour
dog training e.g. contact & focus exercises, walk on leash, dog meetings, sit, lay down, handling, polite greetings, recall, stop/stay etc
coaching, curricular and case from real life
and a lot of teacher-led practice.

Own dog
We have a lot of practice and you are welcome to bring your own dog, provided it does not interfere.
If you do not have your own dog then you are welcome to borrow from our teacher.

Start Friday evening the 24th of July 2020, email Cilla for the schedule

Stockholm, the school has premises in Åkeshov, Östermalm and Örby.

If you want to become a certified Dog Instructor that is possible after completing the training.

Cilla Danielsson & Karin Holmström Forster

SEK 25 900 + VAT.
The registration fee of SEK 5,000 is included in the price,
but he administration cost of SEK 1000 will be added.
Certification fee is paid separately.

You apply for interest-free installment at Human Financ, click here if you interested
The course fee no later than 7 days after your application.
In case of illness supported by a medical certificate, read more under general conditions.

For more information email Cilla



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